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About the I am Series

I created the I Am Series after the realization that I was living within the lines and it was time to start my own design.  While I loved aspects of my career, working with numbers and budgets was not my passion. I realized I was drifting through life. With both sons in college, I looked in the mirror and wondered who I was. You see, I wasn’t using my talents, living but not using my strengths. This realization offered me a choice…continue to float through life or design the life I wanted.  I invested in my first personal development course, little did I know, that single course would be life changing and I haven’t look back. I found my true calling while volunteering, working with children, and helping women to find what makes them light up, what makes them jump out of bed in the morning ready to grab life with both hands.

I created I AM Series Community to allow people just like you to understand life can be everything you want it to be. It’s time to find you again. The I Am Series has allowed me to work with amazing women who are ready to make a move and live the life they desire. Training within The I Am Series on line courses, working one or one, and completing  The I AM Journal each day,  clients have learned to live the life they were born to live.  There is no greater feeling to watch as one opens their eyes to their value, their worth, and live the life they choose to live. God has given each of us so many gifts, let’s find yours and design the life you desire.

The I AM Confident Course

4-Week Training

Online Training Includes:

  • Weekly virtual training modules
  • Weekly lesson worksheets to walk you through your transformation
  • Invitation to our private I AM CONFIDENT tribe
  • Weekly Q&A sessions

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It’s time to create your life’s masterpiece!

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